How to Write an Introduction to an Essay

How to Write an Introduction to an Essay

Sometimes writing an introduction can be hard because one requires a well-designed paragraph that attracts the audience’ attention. It requires one a lot of concentration to develop a successful introduction. However, an introduction contains a wide overview of the essay topic as well as a thesis statement. While writing an introduction, one is supposed to persuade the reader’s that his or her essay is worth reading. A writer can follow several guiding tips to write a good essay introduction.

Start with a Broad Introduction

An introduction is supposed to provide your reader with an idea of what to expect from the essay. Therefore, one should not write a general introduction that has irrelevant details and also not to illustrate every detail regarding the essay topic. The writer can start with a relevant topic context, then narrow the information and develop a thesis.

Hook the Reader’s with an Attention-Grabbing Sentence

The starting information of an essay can include surprising facts, anecdotes or quotes. The use of this techniques is to engage your readers in your essay by not telling them the whole story. For instance, while writing an essay about Franklin D. Roosevelt, an anecdote about his childhood can be relevant. Moreover, an introduction can be true and verifiable.

Provide a Thesis

The thesis is the primary point of the entire essay and gives your readers a reason to keep on reading your essay. Your thesis should make a comment about your stand in relation to the essay topic. In most cases, a thesis statement occurs in the last sentences of the introductory paragraph. Nevertheless, a thesis can be placed in a position that fits well in the introduction.

Avoid Clichés

Many writers develop a good introduction but at some point, their information becomes boring. The reasons why this happens is because maybe one has been using the same definition for a long time, therefore, becoming clichéd. For example, using words like ‘’in the modern society….” Or ‘’from the dawn of man….” seems to be too common and should be avoided.

Convince Your Readers

A good introduction must be engaging and leaves the readers thinking about the topic as well as with a yearning to know how you will be verifying your argument. Therefore, the readers are supposed to finish the introduction believing that the essay has some importance in their lives. A better way to convince the readers is by providing information that can be opposed or questioned.


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