Answers to any questions you have about our rental services

What areas I may not be able to drive?

All of the main roads are accessible for driving. Government prohibits the driving of any vehicles on the beach areas and on the Sand Dunes.
Budget strictly prohibits the use of its vehicles from going to the Natural Pool. Any damages of vehicles in that area would be the responsibility of the renter.
Driving in the Arikok National Park can only be done with the Jeep Wranglers. No sedans or other vehicles like vans or SUV of Budget is permitted to drive through the Arikok National Park.
Damages to tires deemed not repairable would be at the cost of the renter. LDW does not cover damages to tires.

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Can I pay cash for my rental?

Cash is accepted. However, the full LDW coverage must be accepted.

Can I use my Debit Card?

Debit cards are accepted. However, to use one’s debit card the full LDW option has to be accepted. We cannot do refunds on debit cards without having a contact from the customer’s bank.

How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle from Budget Aruba?

Our minimum age is 25 years. Maximum age is 85 years. For a $5.00/day fee drivers 23 & 24 years can be allowed to drive.